C41, a nod to Kodak's film developing process. Rolls of negative developed in the C-41 bath at drug stores across the US transformed average Americans into documentarians, historians, and artists.

We are a team of acclaimed filmmakers and seasoned producers. Our work ranges from feature length to 15 seconds. Wherever the creative leads us, to shutting down streets in Tokyo or an almost invisible crew in Des Moines, we pride ourselves on cultivating ideas and adapting to any shooting environment.

Our stories play on screens in living rooms, festivals, cinemas, museums and in hands. We collaborate with some of the brightest and biggest. We are a globe trotting, non-stop, full service shop…and we love what we do.

Founded by Pete Sillen and Brendan Doyle, we’ve been located in Manhattan's Chinatown since 2011. When you’re in the neighborhood, swing by for dim sum and a drink.

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