C41, a nod to Kodak's film developing process. Rolls of negative developed in the C-41 bath at drug stores across the US transformed average Americans into documentarians, historians, and artists.

                                    documentary  |  real people filmmakers

C41 Media is a New York-based production company with a roster of award-winning directors, whose work in experimental formats, television, commercials, and documentary feature films have been nominated for Emmys, Webby’s and Academy Awards.  Their commercial work has won multiple Lions at Cannes, One Show Gold Pencils, and AICP Next Awards. The films produced by C41 Media have been screened at Sundance, Berlin Film Festival, and major film festivals around the world.   

Founded in 2011 by filmmaker/ cinematographer Pete Sillen and producer Brendan Doyle, C41 is headquartered in Manhattan’s Chinatown.  There, in a sunlit loft filled with creative problem solvers, the team works tirelessly on the process.  With one foot set in the documentary film world and one in the commercial, they seek to strike the harmonious balance.  Drop in and say ni hao.  

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