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14 Films Not to Miss at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival

Untitled Pizza Movie: Diving into the dumpster of his own past and surfacing with ‘90s-shot footage in which he and best friend Leeds Atkinson play, pre-Bourdain, low-life gourmands, scouring Gotham for the perfect pizza slice, documentary filmmaker David Shapiro (Keep the River on the Right, Missing People) has made an zippily-paced, charmingly unpredictable, and rewardingly ruminative independent series about a disappearing city, mortality and, yes, pizza. Mixing Shapiro’s own archival material, with new footage shot across three continents, Shapiro asks, “How do we remember someone in a disposable world?” The purely independent episodic series — Shapiro is showing at Sundance the half-hour episodes one and two and the one-hour episode three — is still something of an anomaly in the indie world, and now Untitled Pizza Movie is here to blast open its pathways of possibility. Don’t miss this. — Scott Macaulay